Beating Time is Running in Lockdown…..


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To donate via online banking to Beating Time you can use the following details.

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Improving mental health, building social inclusion, finding and creating employment for people serving sentences

Prison affects huge numbers of people in the UK: the 82,000 inside, the 70,000 released each year and the 320,000 children with a parent in prison. We are spending millions building more prisons when other countries are closing theirs and cutting crime. Prison, as we do it, does not reduce crime and damages our society.

We run three prison programmes aimed at helping people put prison behind them and build lives they want to live. Through Choirs Beating Time, we create prison choirs that serve their communities whilst preserving mental health. People who feel excluded and have poor mental health cannot find, or make, work. We run an in-prison recruitment consultancy, Inside Job. UpStart, helps entrepreneurial prisoners play to their strengths and build legitimate businesses.