‘Locked in this Prison of Seclusion’ – OC

Inside Stories, Episode 11 [HMP Featherstone, October 2019]

This is OC’s latest poem, written following encouragement from Benjamin Zephaniah no less! It is a brilliantly mangled mishmash of thoughts, descriptors, feelings, actions, almost-characters, places barely held together in writing. We are confrontingly introduced to the “complexity of mind” in which he finds himself.

You can access his previous work here and here.


Locked in this Prison of Seclusion

Unrelenting unforgiving contemptuous & taciturn

Dangerous dominator, unseen usurper.

Cruel to be kind and kind to be cruel

Twisted sobriety, lacklustre and belligerent

Penance and servitude in the belly of the Beast.


Cumbersome, loathsome, savage, dark

Struggling, striving, ducking & diving

Cunning, conniving, misery thriving

Alone in purgatory, den of iniquity.

Creature of habit, deficient, void of feeling


Vexatious to the spirit, destroyer of the soul

Degradingly derisive, tormenting torturer,

Sycophantic, serpent, unsophisticated qualifier

Unrequited muse, accomplished liar.

Anarchic recidivist, wallflower of mire


Burgeoning, beguiling, iconoclastically demure

Disaffected, defunct, deranged & deluded

Never gaining, ever losing, amoral, corrupt,

Socially excluded like a fork-tongued parish

Ostracised, nomadic, consequential & dire


Impetuous and brash, unashamedly daring

Emotionally crippled, vaguely uncaring

Indecision, obsession, complexity of mind,

Callous, uncouth, cold & uncompromising

This my friend is the nature of the Beast.