Where we are going:
2020/21 Strategic Goals

Improve our impact

We know our in-prison programmes motivate and build self belief. To turn this into post prison action we need to create more opportunity and have the capacity to help people, on a 1-2-1 basis, to take those opportunities. We want to ensure everyone leaving our programmes has the opportunity to work on release.


  • Build more capacity in the West Midlands and South East support teams.
  • Employ a recruitment consultant to support Inside Job.
  • Build Inside Job’s employer network.
  • Build UpStart’s mentor network.

Increase Scale

Mid 2020 saw us working in 6 prisons, which between them house up to 3600 people. Four are in the West Midlands, two in Kent. We want to increase the number of people we can impact. We currently work with about 100 a week. So we can “scale” impact without taking on any more prisons. However, we have found we have had more impact in the West Midlands where the number of prisons justifies a bigger support team. Therefore we intend to create 2 hubs: one in the Midlands and one in the South East. Each hub consisting of 4-5 prisons. As of mid 2020 we have won contacts in Gartree, Belmarsh and Stafford but these are on hold due to the Pandemic. We will stop at 10 prisons. This is the optimum number we feel we can service and sustain given financial constraints that all prison charities face.


  •  Increase the numbers participating on all our programmes;
  • Win 1 more South East Prison;
  • Open in Belmarsh, Gartree and Stafford.


PHYSICAL PRESENCE IN THE COMMUNITY – doing more work through the gate necessitates a physical presence.


  • find space in Birmingham where we can, work with clients, conduct interviews, enable people to make music post release;
  • find space in London from which to run the charity and enable us to support and train new team members who need to be co-located with experienced colleagues.