‘Locked down locked up’ – Ophrys
Inside Stories, Episode 15 [HMP Rye Hill, March 2020]
“We have 15 minutes a day to shower & use the CMS (Computer Messaging Service) to order our shopping & pick our menus & ½ an hour outside. My greatest love was the outdoors & the previous hour a day exercise was so inadequate but now it’s halved.”
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‘Sometimes I Feel Like’ – OC
Inside Stories, Episode 14 [HMP Featherstone, March 2020]
“Life is so hard for me, / This ain’t the way it’s supposed to be Life won’t be easy, And I know that! / My past is over, Wish I could go back.”
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‘From 2020 to the Romans and Back Again’ – Ophrys
Inside Stories, Episode 13 [HMP Rye Hill, January 2020]
“I think I can safely say that if Harmony on the Hill were under Roman occupation we would not be gathered together to sing each Tuesday morning, let alone perform at events or have anyone write this blog piece!”
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‘Musical Memories: Winter, Robins, Family’ – Ophrys
Inside Stories, Episode 12 [HMP Rye Hill, December 2019]
“Christmas is ahead & the end of the year just beyond & we, the choir are singing “When the red red robin comes bob bob bobbin’ along” for our seasonal performance – plus a few other songs too. I remember my mother singing this when I was quite…
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