The Platinum Quality Choir – we are back!
Inside Stories, Episode 17 [HMP Rye Hill, October 2021]
The choir has been reunited for just a few short weeks now, Covid restrictions being lessened. The initial, slightly breathy, enthusiasm audible when we first sang together after so long a silence has settled now into a strong, harmonic unity. We all remarked on it:
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The Power of Belief – Inside Job
Inside Stories, Episode 16 [HMP Hewell, July 2021]
Often people require housing immediately after release and some money to kickstart their new ventures. But most of all, what they need is belief. Belief that people can be successful. Belief that they can be happy despite daily hardships. Belief in the right mindset to be able to…
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Inside Job in Operation
First Interview Surgery at HMP Hewell - by Sarah Inglis
It’s been a bit tight lipped on the blog recently regarding Inside Job – but not for lack of content – in fact, the team has been extremely busy behind…
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Locked Up In Lockdown
Tracks From The Inside
How could we continue to make music during lockdown? Our musical directors are creative and passionate beings who were determined not to let a global pandemic and national lockdown stop…
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